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Sharif University of Technology

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Akbari, Mohammad Reza

Academic Rank : Professor

Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Facility Layout and Location

Tel: +98 21 6616-5742

Email: reza[dot]akbari[at]sharif[dot]edu

Akhavan Niaki, Seyed Taghi

Academic Rank: Professor

Discrete Event System Simulation, Multivariate Quality Control, Design of Experiments, Applied Statistic

Tel: +98 21 6616-5740

Email: niaki[at]sharif[dot]edu

Abdollahifar, Ali

Academic Rank:Instructor(Emeritus)

Software Programing

Email: Abdollahifar[at]sharif[dot]edu

Chamran, Mohammad Hadi

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Wage and Salaries Administration Systems, Incentive Systems, Management, Organization Structure, Micro and Macro Economics, Human resource Management

Tel: +98 21 6616-5707

Email: chamran[at]sharif[dot]edu

Eshghi, Kourosh

Academic Rank: Professor

Graph Theory, Mathematical Programming, Meta-heuristic Algorithms

Tel: +98 21 6616-5712

Email: eshghi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Eshragh, Abdol Hamid

Academic Rank: Professor

Reliability Engineering, Facility Layout and Location, Methods Engineering, Work Measurement, Productivity

Tel: +98 21 6616-5705

Email: eshragh[at]sharif[dot]edu

Fatahi Valilai, Omid

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Management Information System (MIS), Manufacturing Systems, Integrated and Collaborative Manufacturing Process Design, New Product Development Integration with Manufacturing Processes, System Analysis and Design

Email: fvalilai[at]sharif[dot]edu

Ghasemi, Farhad

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Applied Operations Research, Facility Layout, Sequencing and Scheduling

Tel: +98 21 6616-5714

Email: ghasemi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Ghayoor, Zhubin

Academic Rank: Instructor

Ergonomics/ Human Factors Engineering, Engineering Economy

Habibi, Moslem

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Digital Transformation, Information Technology, Software Systems Engineering, Business Agility

Tel: +98 21 6616-5735

Email: mhabibi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Haji, Alireza

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Inventory Control, Project Control, Project Management, Stochastic Models, Queuing Systems

Tel: +98 21 6616-5704

Email: ahaji[at]sharif[dot]edu

Haji, Babak

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Queueing theory, Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Applied Probability Models

Email: babak.haji[at]sharif[dot]edu

Haji, Rasoul

Academic Rank: Professor

Stochastic Processes, Queuing Systems, Inventory Models, Optimization

Tel: +98 21 6616-5708

Email: haji[at]sharif[dot]edu

Houshmand, Mahmoud

Academic Rank: Professor

Design and Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Design, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Systems, Lean Production

Tel: +98 21 6616-5721

Email: hoshmand[at]sharif[dot]edu

Khalesizadeh, Seyed Mousa

Academic Rank: Professor(Emeritus)

MIS (Management Information Systems)

Email: khalessi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Khashkhashi Moghaddam, Shokrane

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Manufacturing Systems, Manufacturing Processes, Product Planning and Development, Lean Production, Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Systems, Motion/Path Planning in Manufacturing Systems

Tel: +98 21 6616-5738

Email: moghaddam[at]sharif[dot]edu

Khedmati, Majid

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Applied Statistics, Statistical Process Control, Quality Control, Discrete Event Simulation, Time Series Analysis, Data Mining, Design of Experiments

Tel: +98 21 6616-5714

Email: khedmati[at]sharif[dot]edu

Kianfar, Farhad

Academic Rank: Professor

Dynamic Systems Control, Decision Analysis, Mathematical Programming, Energy Planning

Tel: +98 21 6616-5716

Email: fkianfar[at]sharif[dot]edu

Kianfar, Ferydoon

Academic Rank: Professor

Integer Programming, Quality Management, Quality Control, Scheduling, Project Scheduling

Tel: +98 21 6616-5715

Email: kianfar[at]sharif[dot]edu

Mahlooji, Hashem

Academic Rank: Professor

Simulations, Monte Carlo, Probability and Statistics

Tel: +98 21 6616-5717

Email: mahlooji[at]sharif[dot]edu

Modarres Yazdi, Mohammad

Academic Rank: Professor

Operations Research

Tel: +98 21 6616-5719

Email: modarres[at]sharif[dot]edu

Mostafavi, Mostafa

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Engineering Economy Accounting

Tel: +98 21 6616-5718

Email: mostafavi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Mozafar, Abbas

Academic Rank: Instructor

Engineering Economy, Organization, Management

Tel: +98 21 6616-5717

Email: mozaffar[at]sharif[dot]edu

Hassannayebi, Erfan

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Computer simulation, Optimization under uncertainty, Logistics, Project planning

Tel: +98 21 6616-5734

Email: hassannayebi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Najafi, Mehdi

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Stochastic and Robust Optimization, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization in Medicine and Healthcare, Disaster Management Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Game Theory and its Application, Simulation and Queuing Systems,

Tel: +98 21 6616-5709

Email: Najafi[dot]mehdi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Rafiee, Majid

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Stochastic Programming, Qulaity Control, Optimization in Healthcare, Quality Management

Tel: +98 21 6616-5725

Email: rafiee[at]sharif[dot]edu

Safaieh, Mohammad Reza

Academic Rank: Professor(Emeritus)

Feasibility Studies, Simulations, Designing Optimization, Manufacturing Processes, Industrializing of Under Developed Countries

Sedghi, Nafiseh

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Pricing and Revenue Management, Data-Driven Modeling, Statistical Learning, Optimization

Tel: +98 21 6616-5710

Email: nafiseh[dot]sedghi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Shadrokh, Shahram

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Project Management, Project Scheduling, Applied Operations Research

Tel: +98 21 6616-5741

Email: shadrokh[at]sharif[dot]edu

Shavandi, Hassan

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Applied Operations Research, Fuzzy Sets, Quantitative Marketing Models, Location - Allocation Models, Pricing and Revenue Management Models

Email: shavandi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Varmazyar, Mohsen

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Production/Service Planning and Scheduling, Stochastic Modeling and Analysis, Project Scheduling and Management, Applied Operations Research

Tel: +98 21 6616-5706

Email: varmazyar[at]sharif[dot]edu