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Queues :
Routing policies, skill based servers, heavy-traffic theory, stochastic networks, and applications to: health systems, communications network, manufacturing systems, and service systems.

Probability and Stochastic Models :
Decision making under uncertainty, stochastic dynamic programing, simulation.

Supply Chain Management :
Stochastic inventory models, service and health care op- erations (including waiting lines and location issues), applications of optimization models.

Haji, B. and S.M. Ross. (2018). Minimizing Expected Discounted Cost in a Queueing Loss Model with Discriminating Arrivals. Working Paper.

Haji, B. and S.M. Ross. (2015). A Queueing Loss Model with Heterogeneous Skill Based Servers under Idle Time Ordering Policies. Journal of Applied Probability 52: 269-277.

Haji, B. (2015). On the Adan-Weiss Loss Model having Skill-Based Servers and Longest Idle Assignment Rule. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences 29: 181-189.

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Advanced Stochastic Process

Discrete Event Simulation

Inventory Control I

Project Scheduling Methods

Advanced Statistical Tools

Engineering Statistics

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